Eddie Brown – Things That Matter

Tania Smith Creative –  Photographer, website design & development, hair & make up, production coordinator and ‘The Girl’ in the music video.

Eddie Brown born in the town of Hamilton, Scotland and grew up in a small town of Strathaven, Scotland. Singing with bands like Jupiter Rising, Anvil Band, King Rat, Lost At Sea, Trooper, Funk Factory and City Style, before moving to Australia to sing with After The Opera, Trademark, Driving Sideways, Bad Attitude, The Brit Hits Show, The Royal Mile, Los Dog, Heart And Soul, The Moon Lighters, The Savage Wolsleys, Envy Green, The Monsters Of Rock, The Laurel Box & Robert Taylor Band, Scotland/Brown and currently playing with Rock Express from Gold Coast.

Working with Eddie Brown was such a pleasure and you can find Eddie’s  6-track album “Things That Matter”  available via his website. www.eddiebrown.rocks

Eddie Brown - sequence wide 4

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